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On our page, there are many good mini fans available for you. Trust me, they are worth every penny. Please take a look at all the product details and read all of the reviews on our page. You can find the best mini fans.

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Best Mini Fans on the Market

GeekTEK USB Retro 4 Mini Desktop Fan - Assorted Colors

Retro looking fan is a great way to keep yourself cool with while on your computer. Simply plug it into your USB port and switch it on for instant use.

Product Comparisons
  • “Perfect fan for your office desk, very quiet.” – Heather M
  • “It stopping working after just 4 months here at work on my desk.” – Patricia A. Taylor
  • “Only one speed but blows a good amount of air and is fairly quiet.” – Tracy

Vktech Mini Super Hand-held Mute USB/Battery Cooling Fan for Outdoor Sports Black

•Pls choose the Vktech,not other sellers for the Mini Hand-held fan which has one 5 star positive feedback is from Vktech,we could ensure that the Mini Hand-held fan from Vktech is good.

Amico 360 Degree Rotation Laptop PC Cool Cooler Green Plastic Desk Mini USB Fan 4

Home Summer Cooling Cool Plastic Blade PC Copmuter Desk USB Mini Fan.

4 Hand-Held Avon Sun Mini Sport Fans

The hot summer sun can be hard to bear. But a quick blast of cool air can change everything! This set of 4 Avon Sun Mini Sport Fans is a fantastic buy – just in time for summer! This set includes 4 identical mini pocket fans, each powered by 2 AA batteries (not included).

Customer Reviews
  • “Would recommend to anyone needing immediate relief from heat or suffering with a hot flash.” – Juanita
  • “I was surprised they are much nicer quality than I expected.” – Flmom3
  • “I would not buy these again if given the chance.” – Lauren Locklear

Holmes HNF0410A-BM Mini High Velocity Personal Fan

The Holmes HNF0410A-BM Mini High Velocity Personal Fan is ideal for personal space cooling. This design has a metal 4” blade. Perfect for use on a table or desk in the office or home.

Buyers Guide
  • “I love this fan it is small and mighty perfect desk fan.” – SYLVIA WALLACE
  • “Moves very little air because of it mini size.” – Maddawg
  • “After using the fan for 6 months, 3-4 times a week, it’s getting noisy so maybe i should clean it.” – Scott J. Mackey

Portable Bladeless Fan Mini w/Color Changing LEDs

SURPRISE! No moving parts in sight but when switched on our fan miraculously creates a breeze. Since there are no visible fan blades, the Fascinations¨ Bladeless Fan Ð mini is much safer for curious children, family members and pets.

Consumer Guide
  • “I wasted my money on this hyped up junk.” – Marie Walker
  • “Does no blow far, or put out a lot of air.” – Jarichet
  • “I bought this to use as a desk fan at work but it’s too loud and would probably cause a distraction.” – Victor G. Little

Honeywell with Febreze Freshness Cool&Refresh Mini Tower Fan, HY-201

Honeywell w/ Febreze Mini Tower Fan w/ whole room odor control & freshening

Honeywell w/ Febreze Mini Tower Fan

Honeywell w/ Febreze Mini Tower Fan w/ whole room odor control & freshening

MiniMax Tower Desk Fan

MiniMax Tower Desk Fan. A mighty little fan that helps you stay totally cool. Oscillates 90 degrees to circulate air throughout the entire room Features high, medium and low speeds Built-in timer with 1, 2, or 4-hour programs Measures 7.

Expert Advice
  • “It looks very nice sitting on my desk at work.” – hx
  • “I brought this fan for my desk at work; I sit in a cubicle that has south-facing windows and it can get stuffy late in the evening.” – H. Smith
  • “Its expensive in comparison to others but is a quality product.” – Ron

SPT SF-1530I Mini Tower Fan with Ionizer

A stylish, space-saving mini tower fan that sits conveniently on your desktop or countertop. 3 speed settings generate quite, comfortable airflow. Built-in Ion generator to refresh the air.

Product Ratings
  • “I’d recommend this fan to anyone who’s looking for a small, quiet fan for a desk or table top.” – Barbara Burnett
  • “The fan made a loud whirring noise in any speed but low and I could tell when I picked it up that the blades were out of balance.” – Big Tex
  • “Did not return timely.” – obsaiii

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